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1998 AlEx2 (Alexander K.) has joined the team
1998 Eddi (Edgar S.) has joined the team
1998 Opt1 (Martin W.) has joined the team
2000 Easyflash (Mike K.) has joined the team
2000 Surreal (André F.) has joined the team


The w3alpha.com core-team members [pG]AlEx2; [pG]Eddi; [pG]Opt1; [pG]Easyflash and [pG]Surreal became part of the most successful esports team worldwide "pro-gaming.com" - while at the same coding, creating and developing websites for themselves and likeminded. 


2004 After accomplishing a lot in the field of pro-gaming and esports, the team decided to expand their skills of creating websites and emerging their activities into other sectors by founding their own agency together.


2005 the very own CMS: cms.w3alpha.com (Content Management System) has finaly been founded
2008 Opt1 has left the team after 10 years
2010 Coca (Coletta T.) has joined the team
2011 moving the HQ from Rostock to Hamburg
2015 start developing the very own new cos.w3alpha.com (Corporate Operating System) 
2017 dounding and creating the very own Tech-Co-Working-Space "placex.de" in partnership with loodse.com in Hamburg
2018 the core-team with AlEx2, Eddi, Easyflash, Surreal, Coletta are still the combined fulltime force of w3alpha.com


to be continued...

1998 - AlEx2; Opt1; Eddi

2006 - AlEx2; Opt1; Eddi; Easyflash